Interviews with interesting women leaders from around the world. A series for #SheThePeopleTV

Amazing Grace is a series of conversations with women leaders doing extraordinary things. I am compiling these as a collection of stories that will inspire and motivate young girls to dream bigger and bolder.

​ElsaMarie D'Silva

Social Entrepreneur 

Global Girl

Amazing Grace

Global Girl Pilar Velasco: Hold governments accountable says Spain's top investigative journalist

Global Girl Joy Olivier: Global Inequality is increasing as we progress

Global Girl Dr Alanoud AlSharekh: Disempowerment Of Women Is Systematic

Global Girl Eka Gigauri: Executive Director Transparency International Georgia

Global Girl Holly Kearl: "I Wanted To See Change Happen" says Stop Street Harassment Founder

Global Girl Eirliani Abdul Rahman: Eirliani will ski to North Pole to campaign against Child Sexual Abuse

Global Girl Olena Sotnyk: Politics can be Human-Centric and not Populistic

Global Girl Sylvia Aguilera Garcia: Violence disrupts ability to trust in people

Global Girl Ruth Jewel Kissam: Fighting Sorcery Accusation Related Violence Against Women

Global Girl Yawa Hansen-Quao: Be a Voice, Not an Echo

Global Girl Colette Mazzucelli: Use of technology-mediated learning to champion teaching

Global Girl Shanthi Kalathil: Exploring Challenges Faced By Democracy Today

Global Girl Dr Esther Ngumbi: Finding Sustainable Ways To Feed Humanity

Global Girl Zhanna Nemtsova: Promoting Ideas Of Freedom And Democracy

Global Girl Isabel Amorim: There Is No Democracy Without A Free Media

Global Girl Sonja Spruit: Building A Sustainable World